ATTENTION Christian Black Single Women! I SEE YOU!


  • Are you lacking affirmation as a woman and you want to feel affirmed just for who you are, and not what you do?


  • Have you ever felt disrespected, less than and marginalized and wondered how you can be free to be the woman who God created you to be with all the societal pressures that affect your identity?


  • Have you struggled with feelings of low-self-esteem, self-worth and value and wondered how you can feel more confident, internally free and healed from the experiences that have caused you pain?
Not to fear! Your Restorative Freedom Coach is here! It is my calling to walk alongside you in your journey of becoming the woman of confidence, value and authenticity that God has originally created you to be!
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Greetings From Your Restorative Freedom Coach! I have been divinely appointed for such a time as this, to support you in achieving the inner freedom and healing you desire, as God originally intended! 



As a result of my Christian Life Coaching and Consulting programs and services, Christian Black, single women are affirmed and supported to be their authentic, free selves as God originally intended. They are provided a safe space to lay down their weapons of warfare and become equipped with tools to begin their emotional healing journeys to become the free women God originally created them to be!


 "And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free". John 8:32.



5 Ways To Increase Your God-Given Value TODAY! 

Client Testimonials!


Speaking with Zina each week was so fruitful. Each week, she provided me with the space to explore and process my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. In addition to giving me clarity on these things from a Christian perspective, she also carefully guided me through ways to accomplish my goals. In our time spent together, it is clear that Zina has a genuine heart for serving others, helping them become their best self!” Bria Harris, Mental Health Therapist



"Working with Zina has helped with my negative thoughts and getting myself back into a routine.  We used goal setting, reviewing goals, and how to reward oneself—allowing me to have the confidence to get myself out of a rut and back into action. It was also great to have someone ask me the hard questions that I had yet to ask myself and those I had no idea to ask myself. This coaching experience was terrific, and I recommend giving yourself the freedom to learn and grow with Zina".  Jayna Palmer, Healthcare Assistant